Content marketing
It is important to have a strong online presence when looking to find new leads, but it is even more important to approach your marketing in a creative way. With the constant onslaught of content being thrown at us all day, you must make sure your message
stands out. More importantly, your content delivers the message you want to convey, so it is imperative that your content manager understands your vision. Everyone in this industry is looking for relevant information, so keeping your target
audience in mind when creating a content marketing strategy is vital for brand success.

Without a strong SEO strategy in place most of your marketing efforts will be in vain. We have SEO strategists that know how to build a strong online foundation in the cannabis and hemp landscape, who will also boost your accessibility in search engines.
Our efforts generate industry leads through the implementation of targeted SEO strategies. Ask us how we can help you master your SEO!

Targeted custom email blasts to thousands of businesses
Can2Biz has organically grown an email list of over 10k cannabis and hemp businesses over 30 different categories. We will work with your business to execute on a great message and call of action email blast to targeted businesses that match your target
audience. Drive in more leads while building rapport in the industry.

Social media marketing
Social media management is time consuming but very necessary in today’s landscape. We can handle the management for your business, as well as responding and engaging with users on a regular basis. Nowadays, when a party is unhappy with a business they
are quick to express their discontent online, which can be very damaging to a business. If someone is managing your engagement and responding to the negativity swiftly, that damage can be greatly reduced. Making engagement a priority not only
builds brand loyalty, it lowers the risk of a PR nightmare occurring.

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